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SBFD Programs

The department has been involved in a regular fire prevention program for over 25 years. It started with visits to the school during fire prevention week and an open house during that week at the station.

About 12 years ago we started looking for ways to be more involved on a year-round basis. After a couple of years of trial and error, we decided to bring on board a schoolteacher to visit the schools once a month to share a planned program that covered more material and in more detail. We chose a schoolteacher because of their experience with teaching children. It also gave some much-needed credibility to the program. For the last 8 years, we have been doing the program in the third grade and have experienced very positive feedback from the parents, the children and the teachers

Although initially it was somewhat of a “please try this” request, today it is something that has become a permanent part of the school curriculum. The teachers have become our biggest supporters and advocates for the program.

We have been blessed to have several teachers who have become an integral part of our department. We have told everyone that they are firefighters just as much as the rest of us, they just do it in a different way. Presently, Lisa Payne who is a retired teacher is our Fire Safety Educator.

During fire prevention week, we still visit the schools concentrating on the Pre-K through the 2nd grade. We hold an open house during fire prevention week and share hot dogs and cider with our visitors. We have also participated in other community outreach events including the annual career fair, community block party, and Halloween.

We have also started a Smoke Detector Program in which we will install smoke detectors for those needing them. We carry them on our engines along with extra batteries. We will not knowingly leave a scene without checking the detectors and making sure they work. We will also put them in should none be present.

In 2023, we also launched a School supplies drive. We partner with local businesses to have drop off points throughout our district. The items are then gathered by some of our Firefighters, and donated to Maxine's Closet for distribution.